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Nourishing Foot Oil

₹ 900

Description Healthy feet are directly connected to an energized body. Purify, refresh and moisturize your feet with Shankara's nourishing foot oil, rich with nutrients and anti-oxidants.
Benefits Deeply moisturizing and refreshing
Invigorating and energizing
Assists in keeping your feet clean

Key ingredientsbeautiful inside


Neem is one of the most powerful purifying and soothing herbal ally.


Manjista invigorates and purifies the skin deeply while providing antioxidants and soothing benefits.

Tea Tree

Tea Tree has the ability to deeply purify the skin while also being calming and soothing.

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High oleic Sunflower oil, Sesame oil, Kukui Nut oil, Jojoba oil, Grape seed oil, Dashmoola herbs, Olive oil, Peppermint EO, Tocopherol, Lemongrass EO, Manjistha, Licorice, Cinnamon EO, Cardamom EO, Haritaki, Shatavari, Camphor EO, Tea tree EO, Mandukparni, Red sandalwood, Ginger EO, Clove EO, Rose


Apply to feet and massage
May be used as an overnight
intensive treatment

Measure 2-3 X 2

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