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Gheesutrā Divine Duo - Shankara India

Natural radiance for your face, hands & feet.

Sale price₹ 3,450
Gheesutrā Trio Ritual - Shankara India

Hydrates & nourishes your face, body, hands & feet.

Sale price₹ 5,300
Gheesutrā Goodness Giftset - Shankara IndiaGheesutrā Goodness Giftset - Shankara India

Timeless Beauty Ritual

(2) Sale price₹ 3,750
Gheesutrā Radiance Ritual - Shankara India

An iconic selection of skincare & bodycare range

(1) Sale price₹ 5,500
Night Ritual for Skin & Hair Kit - Shankara IndiaNight Ritual for Skin & Hair Kit - Shankara India

Night Ritual for De-stressing and hydration

Sale price₹ 3,030
Nourish & Protect Giftset - Shankara India

For loving hands, natural glow & a beautiful smile

Sale price₹ 3,500
Valentine's Graceful Ageing Gift Set - Shankara India

Graceful ageing ritual for Him & Her

(2) Sale price₹ 5,875
Gheesutrā Ritual Collection - Shankara IndiaGheesutrā Face Emulsion & Gheesutrā Hand & Foot Cream - Shankara India

Three-step ritual for face, hand and feet

(3) Sale price₹ 1,000
Glow of Happiness Giftset - Shankara India

A gift of self-care, timeless beauty & love

Sale price₹ 4,000
Gheesutrā Lip Butters - Shankara India

Nature's kiss for soft, luscious lips

Sale price₹ 1,575
Nourish & Nurture Giftset - Shankara India

For someone who inspire us with their inner radiance

Sale price₹ 2,400
Absolute Radiance Kit - Shankara IndiaAbsolute Radiance Kit with Deep Cleanse Facial Ubtan, Soothing Lip Oil, Kumkumadi Oil | Shankara India

Radiant and rejuvenating giftset

Sale price₹ 3,590
Hair Care Duo - Shankara India

Experience the ancient secret to healthy hair

Sale price₹ 2,580
Deep Hydration Duo - Shankara IndiaDeep Hydration Duo - Shankara India

Perfect for Intense Hydration and Fine lines

Sale price₹ 3,030
The Timeless Essentials - Shankara IndiaThe Timeless Essentials | Shankara India

Timeless radiance for an ever-glowing you

(7) Sale price₹ 3,500
Kumkumadi Kindness Giftset - Shankara IndiaKumkumadi Kindness Giftset - Shankara India

Timeless Radiance Ritual

Sale price₹ 3,000