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Shankara sources all natural ingredients in a responsible manner. Shankara is a natural line that sources (ALL OF THE) best natural ingredients in a responsible manner. Shankara is not a chemical or a chemical-based line.

Shankara's Ayurvedic formulations balance each individual skin type:

Vata (Dry Skin)
Pitta (Normal, Combination or Sensitive Skin)
and Kapha (Oily Skin).

Our Ayurvedic foundation comprises oils & herbs of the highest quality.

The oils that go into the Vata products are the richest and heaviest because we are dealing with dry skin. We go to oils like sesame oil, avocado, macadamia nut, hemp seed, some of the very rich oils.

Our Pitta products are also deeply moisturizing but less viscous, suiting the nature of Pitta skin. They're also cooling, because Pitta skin will typically run warm. Sunflower and almond oil are the two fundamental ones that work quite well. Olive oil works well too.

Our Kapha products are ideally suited for the kapha skin which is already thick and heavy in its nature -- thus lighter oils are required and naturally feel soothing to a Kapha person. Ideal oils in this regard are: Grape seed, hazelnut, and jojoba....

The herbs that work best for Vata skin are herbs that have a little more regenerating-type quality. That may have a natural oil base themselves. And the reason we say regenerating and why that's important is because Vata skin, which is very dry, is the first skin to age. You have more aging effects outwardly in a Vata skin than in any of the other three skin types. So, we look toward herbs that have moisturizing and regenerating quality.

In the Pitta herbs, we look for herbs that are cooling and calming. We also look for herbs that will create a balance between oil and dryness. Pitta skin can go both ways. T-zone type skin (mixed skin) is usually a Pitta type skin.

The herbs we select for Kapha have a slightly astringent quality and they have a sebum-balancing quality and they also have a stimulating effect, because the Kapha skin is characteristically congested. Kapha skin is thick, and can be congested so what is want to do is to stimulate circulation in the subcutaneous tissues (tissues that are on the outer dermal layers). You are moving fluid out of those tissues, and other things that will congest in the skin.

The rejuvenating and balancing herbs of amla, ashwagandha, brahmi and neem, (ARE SOME OF THE KEY HERBS THAT) provide the cornerstone foundation of Shankara formulations. These herbs have been carefully selected for their enhanced ability to deeply purify, repair, renew and protect the skin.

Actives- and antioxidant-rich to revitalize and protect including:
Alpha lipoic acid
Seaweed extracts
Plant peptides
Stabilized soluble Vitamin C Ester
Vitamin E and Glycoaminoglycans
ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) stimulates cell functions
Gold, rhodium and iridium supercharge and maximize ingredient effectiveness.

Synergistic blends of organic essential oils at high percentages ensure support for physical, emotional and mental balance for all body/skin types.

Key to the success of Shankara products is an unrivaled energized regenerating nutrient complex trademarked, 'Regenesis-Energen BioComplex'. This complex is molecularly structured to accelerate the activity of the proprietary blended, clinically tested select plant and algae extracts. In concert with the Ayurvedic herb extracts, amino acid and peptide complexes, fulvic electrolytes and monoatomic gold/ rhodium/iridium preparation, the synergistic result of these ingredients produces an electrifying, quantum effect in skin renewal and anti-aging skin care.

Every product in this line is pH balanced to match the skin. You never have to worry about damaging the skin in any way, destroying the acid mantle (which nature gave us to protect our skin) or destroy the natural moisture barrier.

One of the principles in the creation of this line is to do no harm.

Our products truly nourish and balance the skin.

Shankara is proud to abide by the "Do No Harm" Principle – Our line is pH balanced, All-Natural, 100% Chemical Free and Cruelty Free.

Anything you put on your skin is going to be taken in eventually. When you're using a product that contains chemicals, they permeate into your body through the skin. They float around, they travel through the blood stream and they end up a little bit in all of your various organs. There will be little bits of chemicals that are going to lodge themselves anywhere they feel like as they take a break in their travel through your blood stream. Most of them end up in your liver because the liver is one of the primary cleansing channels in the body.

The liver has over 400 different functions in the body. This makes our liver pretty important! If it's not able to perform its function to clear the body, then the impact is going to be felt by other parts of the body. Liver congestion is primarily due to chemicals; chemicals we apply on our skin, chemicals that we take in our foods, that we breathe in, drink, chemicals we create in our bodies due to stress. Irrespective of the source, most of them are going to end up in your liver and most of them are going to stay there, they're going to get congested right there. That slows down the ability of your liver to do its many jobs.