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Your pathway to holistic beauty

Skincare is not just about using products to cleanse and moisturize your skin.

The path to flawless healthy skin includes diet, sleep patterns, exercise habits and reduction of stress levels. 

At Shankara, we know each skin type is unique and requires individual attention along with a deeper understanding of the body to understand its needs. We are committed to bringing you holistic answers that allow you to always be at your best.

Book a Shankara Beauty Consult and have our Doctors help decode your skin concerns and guide you with the help of Ayurveda. Our specialists work with you to encourage holistic healing—ensuring you are healthy, inside and out.

Consult our Ayurveda Doctors for:

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Dr. Ratna Hiremath


With over 15+ years of clinical experience in Ayurveda & Nutrition in India, Europe and Middle East, Dr.Ratna Hiremath has treated patients with a range of ailments through herbs, diet, therapies, aromas and exercise.

Her extensive knowledge of applied Ayurveda as a holistic way to care and nourish skin, hair and body holds high value in her patients.

Dr Ratna believes that true beauty of Ayurveda lies not only as a curative science but largely around measures one can take to prevent conditions from manifesting. So she urges patients to follow diet and lifestyle correction, by making them aware about local food resources and their effective use.

5 Steps of Shankara Beauty Consult

"The skincare consultation with the Doctor was incredibly helpful and informative. I learned specifics about my skin by identifying my Doshas and understanding the underlying issues with my skin which were caused by various often neglected determinants such as sleep deprivation, stress etc. The Doctor encouraged me to inculcate home remedies in my daily routine and offered to reconnect post 3 weeks to see results which was extremely helpful. The whole experience was very personable and organic. The essence of Ayurveda was felt in its truest sense. Highly recommended consultation. "

- Sanjana Atul Soni

"As a first-timer, I found my consultation with the Doctor very informative. It helped me understand my issues better and she gave simple and easy remedies for the same. It was easy to communicate with her and she listened patiently. Overall, my experience was insightful."

- Paulomi Bhansali

"It was my first consultation with a Doctor & was definitely very informative. From realising my Dosha and simple techniques to overcome some of my focal shortcomings like sleep pattern and skincare, it gave me great insights. The doctor was very calm to speak with. Am looking forward to return for another consultation after following the basic care suggested to me. A must try!"

- Hemal Motasha


I fully understand that this phone consultation booking or any consultation and their results are exclusively wellness oriented to empower an individual for a healthy life. I further acknowledge that this consultation is not for diagnosis for any disease or disorder and no medical substance or treatment will be prescribed. I do hereby release, indemnify, save and hold harmless Shankara, and its affiliated organizations, Physicians and Ayurvedic Practitioners (Vaidyas) or consultants, and their directors, officers, employees, staff, agents, volunteers, consultants and contractors from and against any and all claims, liabilities, damages, or losses.