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Kansa Massage Wand

₹ 2,100

Description Kansa loosely translates into “healing metal”. The Kansa Massage Wand is made up of mostly copper along with tin, zinc and a few other trace metals. A unique breakthrough product, Shankara’s Kansa Massage Wand is a sweet blessing of several decades of Ayurvedic research and brings multiple benefits.
Benefits Revitalizes and nourishes the skin.
Massage helps improve circulation.
Supports release excess heat and acidity.

Key ingredientsbeautiful inside


It helps to develop collagen and elastin, which maintain the strength of the skin.


Along with Copper and Zinc, Tin maintains the skin collagen.


It helps rejuvenate skin.


Psst! Here’s the secret

To getting the most from your Shankara Kansa Massage.

Just follow the simple steps below and you’ll be pleased with the results you see.
This is just what we train techs at high-end spas.

1.Up and down on the
side of the neck.

2.On the jawline, massaging the
TMJs (temporomandibular joints).

3.Lifting massage from chin
to bottom of the ear.

4.Lifting massage from lips
to middle of the ear.

5.Lifting massage from nose
to top of the ear.

6.Circle around the temple
and crow’s feet.

7.Circles around the eyes.

8.Going zigzag across the forehead
gently (works well with music too!).

9Circle on the third eye- the region
in between your eyebrows (Elevens).

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