Head to Toe EssentOILS

₹ 3,100

Skin Type: Tri-dosha (All skin types)

Oils that are essential. Nurture yourself from head to toe with our luxurious range of nourishing and uplifting oils. 


  • Hydrates and nourishes 
  • Sensuous and uplifting, leaves skin feeling supple
  • Restorative and moisturizing

Hair & Scalp Oil 100 ml

Sundarya Body Oil 100 ml

Nourishing Foot Oil 110 ml

  • Apply the Hair & Scalp Oil to the scalp, mid-lengths and ends, then comb through.
  • Massage the Body Oil into the skin.
  • Apply to feet muscles and joints with soothing massage movements.
  • Warm the oils for deep relaxation.