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Valentine's Hydration Luxe Gift Set - Shankara India
10 % Off

Hydration Ritual for Him & Her

Sale price₹ 3,730 Regular price₹ 4,145
Holiday Essentials GiftsetHoliday Essentials Giftset - Shankara India
10 % Off

Essentials for the holidays in travel-size

Sale price₹ 1,665 Regular price₹ 1,850
Gheesutrā Hand & Foot creamGheesutrā Hand & Foot cream | Shankara India
Best Sellers

Silken touch for hand and foot with Ghee

Sale price₹ 900
Gheesutrā Glow Ritual
10 % Off

The best of skincare and bodycare rage

Sale price₹ 5,805 Regular price₹ 6,450
Sold outGheesutrā Radiance Ritual

An iconic selection of signature skincare & bodycare range

(1) Sale price₹ 5,500
Sold outGheesutrā Trio Ritual

Hydrates & nourishes your face, body, hands & feet.

Sale price₹ 4,505 Regular price₹ 5,300
Sold outGheesutrā Divine Duo

Natural radiance for your face, hands & feet.

Sale price₹ 2,932 Regular price₹ 3,450
Limited Edition Christmas GiftsetLimited Edition Christmas Giftset
10 % Off

Holiday essentials in travel-size

Sale price₹ 1,530 Regular price₹ 1,700
Festive Glow KitFestive Glow Kit
10 % Off

Everything you need for a ever-radiant glow

Sale price₹ 2,061 Regular price₹ 2,290
Aromatherapy Collection Roll-on setAromatherapy Collection Roll-on set

Bespoke well-being with Dosha-specific oils

Sale price₹ 2,400
Shankara Essence Lotus RoseShankara Essence Lotus Rose

Uniquely crafted to elevate self-love and awareness

Sale price₹ 3,050
The Timeless Essentials - Shankara IndiaThe Timeless Essentials | Shankara India
10 % Off

Timeless radiance for an ever-glowing you

(7) Sale price₹ 3,150 Regular price₹ 3,500
Organic Sweet Almond OilOrganic Sweet Almond Oil

Revive your skin’s radiance and hair’s natural shine with Almonds

Sale price₹ 1,080
Vata Dosha Discovery KitVata Dosha Discovery Kit
23 % Off

Discover natural nourishment and hydration for dry skin.

Sale price₹ 5,068 Regular price₹ 6,335
Pitta Dosha Discovery KitPitta Dosha Discovery Kit
23 % Off

Soothe sensitive, Pitta skin with our tailored skincare kit

Sale price₹ 5,068 Regular price₹ 6,335
Kapha Dosha Discovery KitKapha Dosha Discovery Kit
23 % Off

Revitalize oily, congested Kapha skin for a radiant complexion

Sale price₹ 5,268 Regular price₹ 6,585