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Gheesutrā Face EmulsionGheesutrā Face Emulsion
Best Sellers

Penetrates into the skin's deepest layer

(48) Sale price₹ 2,550
Kumkumadi OilKumkumadi Oil
Best Sellers

Illuminate your skin with red-gold Saffron

(184) Sale price₹ 1,950
Deep Cleanse Facial Ubtan - Shankara IndiaDeep Cleanse Facial Ubtan
Best Sellers

Uncover beautiful & radiant skin with Sandalwood

(25) Sale price₹ 1,050
Anti Age Serum - Shankara IndiaAnti Age Serum
Best Sellers

Flaunt a youthful glow with this 100% active serum

(27) Sale price₹ 3,450
Timeless Lip Oil - Shankara IndiaTimeless Lip Oil
Best Sellers

Accentuate your lips naturally with Bakuchi

(22) Sale price₹ 890
Hair & Scalp OilHair & Scalp Oil
Best Sellers

Get shinier & healthier hair with Bhringraj

(21) Sale price₹ 1,080
Muscle Release OilMuscle Release Oil
Best Sellers

Alleviate muscle & joint pain with Frankincense

(12) Sale price₹ 2,550
Hydrating Cleanser - Fine Line - Shankara IndiaHydrating Cleanser - Fine Line
Best Sellers

Luxurious hydrating cleanser with Chamomile

(18) Sale price₹ 1,595
Timeless Moisturizer - Shankara IndiaTimeless Moisturizer
Best Sellers 52 % Off

Elixir for eternal glowing skin enriched with Kumkumadi Oil

(16) Sale price₹ 2,850
Rose Mist - Shankara IndiaRose Facial Mist
Best Sellers

Rejuvenate your skin with the goodness of rose

(11) Sale price₹ 1,080
Soothing Lip Oil - Shankara IndiaSoothing Lip Oil

Naturally fuller & healthier lips with Vanilla

(20) Sale price₹ 590
Aura Essential Oil Deodorant - Lavender & Vetiver - Shankara IndiaAura Essential Oil Deodorant - Lavender & Vetiver

Naturally neutralize body odor with Lavender

(21) Sale price₹ 650
Aura Essential Oil Deodorant - Geranium & Ylang Ylang - Shankara IndiaAura Essential Oil Deodorant - Geranium & Ylang Ylang

Eliminate body odor with gentle aroma of Geranium

(17) Sale price₹ 650
Brightening Serum - Shankara IndiaBrightening Serum

Restore a radiant glow with Licorice Root Extract

(15) Sale price₹ 2,385
Gheesutrā Nourishing ExfoliatorGheesutrā Nourishing Exfoliator
Best Sellers

Experience 100x washed ghee exfoliation

(4) Sale price₹ 1,850
Fine Line Moisturizer - Shankara IndiaFine Line Moisturizer
47 % Off

Light revitalizing moisturizer infused with Rose

(9) Sale price₹ 2,590