De-Stressing Body Wash | Shankara IndiaDe-Stressing Body Wash | Shankara India

De-Stressing Body Wash

Pitta pacifying body wash with Chamomile
₹ 1,595
Blemish Support Serum | Shankara IndiaBlemish Support Serum | Shankara India

Blemish Support Serum

₹ 2,285
Timeless Moisturizer | Shankara IndiaTimeless Moisturizer | Shankara India
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Timeless Moisturizer

Elixir for an eternal glowing skin enriched with Kumkumadi Oil
₹ 2,850
Kansa Massage Wand | Shankara IndiaKansa Massage Wand | Shankara India
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Kansa Massage Wand

Revitalize your skin with Copper
₹ 2,450
Sundarya Body Oil | Shankara IndiaSundarya Body Oil | Shankara India

Sundarya Body Oil

Luxurious Body Oil with Ylang Ylang
₹ 1,080
Anti-Age Eye Cream | Shankara IndiaAnti-Age Eye Cream | Shankara India

Anti-Age Eye Cream

Vitamin C rich formula for the delicate eye region
₹ 3,250
Daily Repair Serum Rose Fine Line | Shankara IndiaDaily Repair Serum Rose Fine Line | Shankara India

Daily Repair Serum Rose

Hydrated, healthy skin with Rose
₹ 2,285
Deep Pore Cleansing Mask | Shankara IndiaDeep Pore Cleansing Mask | Shankara India

Deep Pore Cleansing Mask

Draw out impurities with this purifying clay mask
₹ 2,450
Hydrating Body Silk | Shankara IndiaHydrating Body Silk | Shankara India

Hydrating Body Silk

Deeply hydrated, supple skin with Sandalwood
₹ 950
Purifying Sea Salt Scrub | Shankara IndiaPurifying Sea Salt Scrub | Shankara India

Purifying Sea Salt Scrub

Exfoliation with the intensive blend of sea salts
₹ 800
Hydrating Cleanser - Rich Repair | Shankara IndiaHydrating Cleanser - Rich Repair | Shankara India

Hydrating Cleanser - Rich Repair

Ultra soothing cleanser with goodness of Chamomile
₹ 1,595
Calming Body Oil | Shankara IndiaCalming Body Oil | Shankara India

Calming Body Oil

Achieve inner & outer peace with Vetiver
₹ 1,050
Kumkumadi Oil 5ml | Shankara IndiaKumkumadi Oil 5ml | Shankara India

Kumkumadi Oil 5ml

Illuminate your skin with red-gold Saffron
₹ 750
Balance Moisturizer | Shankara IndiaBalance Moisturizer | Shankara India

Balance Moisturizer

Hydrate & restore skin’s balance with Green Tea
₹ 2,590
Soothing Body Oil | Shankara IndiaSoothing Body Oil | Shankara India

Soothing Body Oil

Holistic, Pure & Transformative oil with Calendula
₹ 1,050
Shankara Trial Gift Set - Hydration Essentials - Shankara IndiaShankara Trial Gift Set - Hydration Essentials

Shankara Trial Gift Set - Hydration Essentials

Experience the ultimate hydration ritual
₹ 1,000

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