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Kumkumadi OilKumkumadi Oil
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Illuminate your skin with red-gold Saffron

(184) Sale price₹ 1,950
Timeless Moisturizer - Shankara IndiaTimeless Moisturizer
Best Sellers 52 % Off

Elixir for eternal glowing skin enriched with Kumkumadi Oil

(16) Sale price₹ 2,850
Timeless Moisturizer - Shankara IndiaTimeless Moisturizer
52 % Off

Elixir for an eternal glowing skin enriched with Kumkumadi Oil

(2) Sale price₹ 500 Regular price₹ 1,050
Anti Age Serum - Shankara IndiaAnti Age Serum
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Flaunt a youthful glow with this 100% active serum

(27) Sale price₹ 3,450
Anti-Age Eye Cream - Shankara IndiaAnti-Age Eye Cream
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Vitamin C rich formula for the delicate eye region

(5) Sale price₹ 3,250
Muscle Release OilMuscle Release Oil
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Alleviate muscle & joint pain with Frankincense

(12) Sale price₹ 2,550
Nourishing Foot OilNourishing Foot Oil

Spa like tranquility for feet with Tea Tree

(7) Sale price₹ 900
Sundarya Body OilSundarya Body Oil

Luxurious Body Oil with Ylang Ylang

(10) Sale price₹ 1,080
Deep Pore Cleansing Mask - Shankara IndiaDeep Pore Cleansing Mask

Draw out impurities with this purifying clay mask

(7) Sale price₹ 2,450
Calming Mask - Shankara IndiaCalming Mask

Rejuvenate sensitive skin with Algae Extract

(7) Sale price₹ 2,450
Balance Oxygenating Mask - Shankara IndiaBalance Oxygenating Mask

Revitalize and nourish Kapha skin with Manjistha

(1) Sale price₹ 2,450
Calming Body OilCalming Body Oil

Achieve inner & outer peace with Vetiver

(2) Sale price₹ 1,050
Soothing Body OilSoothing Body Oil

Holistic, Pure & Transformative oil with Calendula

(2) Sale price₹ 1,050
Energizing Body OilEnergizing Body Oil

Restores the Balance and delights the skin

Sale price₹ 1,080
Microcrystal Exfoliator - Shankara IndiaMicrocrystal Exfoliator

Exceptional exfoliation treatment with Silica

(4) Sale price₹ 2,150
Rejuvenating Gift Set - Shankara IndiaRejuvenating Gift Set - Shankara India

Delight in the essence of Radiant Beauty

(1) Sale price₹ 1,800