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Muscle Release Oil - Shankara IndiaMuscle Release Oil - Shankara India
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Alleviate muscle & joint pain with Frankincense

(13) Sale price₹ 2,550
Hair & Scalp Oil - Shankara IndiaHair & Scalp Oil
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Get shinier & healthier hair with Bhringraj

(23) Sale price₹ 1,080
Nourishing Foot Oil - Shankara IndiaNourishing Foot Oil - Shankara India

Spa like tranquility for feet with Tea Tree

(10) Sale price₹ 900
Aromatherapy Collection Roll-on set - Shankara IndiaAromatherapy Collection Roll-on set - Shankara India

Bespoke well-being with Dosha-specific oils

(1) Sale price₹ 2,400
Calming Body Oil - Shankara IndiaCalming Body Oil - Shankara India

Achieve inner & outer peace with Vetiver

(2) Sale price₹ 1,050
Shankara Essence Lotus Rose - Shankara IndiaShankara Essence Lotus Rose - Shankara India

Uniquely crafted to elevate self-love and awareness

Sale price₹ 3,050
Energizing Body Oil - Shankara IndiaEnergizing Body Oil - Shankara India

Restores the Balance and delights the skin

Sale price₹ 1,080
Soothing Body Oil - Shankara IndiaSoothing Body Oil - Shankara India

Holistic, Pure & Transformative oil with Calendula

(2) Sale price₹ 1,050
Sundarya Body Oil - Shankara IndiaSundarya Body Oil - Shankara India

Luxurious Body Oil with Ylang Ylang

(10) Sale price₹ 1,080