Nina, your skin type is:


Most common signs
of skin imbalances for your skin type:

Excessive Dryness

Rough and flaky


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Let's take a closer look at Vata dosha!


Thick and cool to touch.
Tendency towards dryness
- everywhere
, not in a combination pattern.
Tendency towards premature aging.

Signs of Emotional Imbalances

Feeling worried or fearful.
Feeling ungrounded or scattered.
Feeling overwhelmed or indecisive.

Because Your Skin Type is Vata

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Frankincense, patchouli and rose
absolute are vata pacifying /
warming, grounding, regenerative.

According to Ayurveda your elements
are air and space, which govern
movement, circulation, the nervous
system and elimination.

Helpful tips to bring back balance

Vata is light, moving, irregular, rough,
unstable, quick, cold and dry. To bring
balance we need to encourage its opposite
values -- warmth, grounding, calming

Microcrystal Exfoliation Treatment

The ultra-fine crystals do not damage tissues
or remove the skin's natural acid mantle.

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