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Hair & Scalp Oil - Shankara IndiaHair & Scalp Oil - Shankara India
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Get shinier & healthier hair with Bhringraj

(22) Sale price₹ 1,080
Organic Sweet Almond Oil - Shankara IndiaOrganic Sweet Almond Oil - Shankara India

Revive your skin’s radiance and hair’s natural shine with Almonds

Sale price₹ 1,080
Kansa Hair Comb - Shankara IndiaKansa Hair Comb - Shankara India

Made with 100% pure Kansa metal

Sale price₹ 1,500
Blemish Support Serum - Shankara IndiaBlemish Support Serum - Shankara India

Control breakouts & promote skin repair with Lavender

(9) Sale price₹ 2,285
Daily Repair Serum - Shankara IndiaDaily Repair Serum - Shankara India

Hydrated, healthy skin with Rose

(8) Sale price₹ 2,285
Hydrating Body Silk - Shankara IndiaHydrating Body Silk - Shankara India

Deeply hydrated, supple skin with Sandalwood

(3) Sale price₹ 950
Shea Butter Body Scrub - Shankara IndiaShea Butter Body Scrub - Shankara India

Impeccably soft & hydrated skin with Shea Butter

Sale price₹ 850
Balance Oxygenating Mask - Shankara IndiaBalance Oxygenating Mask - Shankara India

Revitalize and nourish Kapha skin with Manjistha

(1) Sale price₹ 2,450
Aromatherapy Collection Roll-on set - Shankara IndiaAromatherapy Collection Roll-on set - Shankara India
20 % Off

Bespoke well-being with Dosha-specific oils

Sale price₹ 1,920 Regular price₹ 2,400
Purifying Sea Salt Scrub - Shankara IndiaPurifying Sea Salt Scrub - Shankara India

Exfoliation with the intensive blend of sea salts

(6) Sale price₹ 800
Kansa Massage Wand - Shankara IndiaKansa Massage Wand - Shankara India
20 % Off

Revitalize your skin with Copper

(10) Sale price₹ 1,960 Regular price₹ 2,450
Revive Candle | Shankara IndiaRevive Candle | Shankara India

Crafted for Connoisseurs

Sale price₹ 2,100
Feet Detoxification - Shankara IndiaFeet Detoxification | Shankara India

Moisturise and Refresh tired Feet

(3) Sale price₹ 1,000
Illume Candle | Shankara IndiaIllume Candle | Shankara India

Crafted for connoisseurs

Sale price₹ 1,700