Soothing Body Oil

Nourishing Herbal Oil To Calm And Cool Body And Mind

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Soothing Body Oil is a hydrating body oil that uses a blend of Calendula & Lavender to transform, relax & destress your mind and body. The oil beautifully balances Pitta dosha which often results in irritability of the skin and mind as well.


    • Deeply hydrates, nourishes and moisturises the body
    • Soothing blend of essentials oils help de-stress you instantly
    • Nourishing herbal oils calm body and mind and address irritability, anger, and over critical thinking
    • Can be used as moisturizer, massage oil and bath oil

    How to use?

    • Step 01

      Take adequate amount of oil in your hand

    • Step 02

      Gently massage the oil to help it get absorbed into the skin

    • Step 03

      Keep the oil on your body for 10 minutes before taking a bath

    • You may warm the oil for a full body massage.



    For decades, Calendula has been a skincare staple that soothes the skin, cleanses the skin without drying it & evokes freshness.


    The soothing aroma of Lavender Essential oil is used in candles, soaps, creams & colognes to purify and relax us. The oil uses Lavender to bring a sense of calm while removing bad underarm odor.


    Lemon Balm soothes the Pitta skin by reducing acne, inflammation and even sun burn.

    Show all ingredients

    Sunflower oil, Almond oil, Coconut oil, Grapeseed oil, Evening Primerose oil, Tocopherol, Sandalwood EO, Rose EO, Lavender EO, Orange EO, Neem extract, Vetiver EO, Lavender extract, Chamomile extract, Carrot seed EO, Marigold EO, Mandukparni extract, Liquorice extract, Marigold extract, Jasmin EO.

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    It is advisable to conduct a patch test to ensure your skin is not reacting to the product. Please note that as our products are handcrafted in small batches, there may be slight variations in their color and aroma.

    Manufacturing Info

    Expiry Date: 2 Years from manufacturing

    Country of Origin: India

    Manufacturer: Sriveda Sattva Pvt Ltd, 21st KM, Kanakapura Road, Udayapura P.O., Bangalore, 560 082

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Soothing body oil is crafted for the Pitta skin type i.e. Normal, Combination and Sensitive skin types. It helps repair and soothe the skin.

    The oil deeply relaxes and addresses irritability, anger, and over critical thinking.