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Article: Mom's Ultimate Guide to Mother's Day

Mom's Ultimate Guide to Mother's Day

Mom's Ultimate Guide to Mother's Day

Hello, super moms! With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it's time to celebrate all the amazing things you do while gently reminding you that your well-being is also super important. 

Between managing the household, juggling a million schedules, and being the go-to problem solver for everyone in the family, we truly feel that finding time for yourself can feel like an uphill task. But, this Mother’s Day, we at Shankara India encourage you to take time out for yourself and indulge in some self-care. In this blog, get ready to take note of some amazing self-care tips for moms that will make pampering a part of your routine instead of a one-off rejuvenating activity. 

8 Self-Care Tips For Moms

Check out these 8 self-care tips for moms that will beautifully elucidate the joy and importance of self-care:

1. Set Clear Boundaries

We truly feel that ‘moms’ have an innate ability to be selfless all the time. However, this narrative needs to be changed by setting boundaries for commitments that drain your energy. Learn to prioritize your time; instead, invest it in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment.

2. Always Keep Room For "Me Time"

Make an effort to enjoy self-care activities, such as reading a book, painting or doing daily skin care. Me-time should be non-negotiable. To that end, we suggest you try out Shankara India’s Ayurveda-inspired natural skincare products, face care products & hair care products that are 100% natural ingredients. All the products are modeled after the ethos of Ayurvedic principles and modern philosophies. The Gheesutra face emulsion and Organic sweet almond oil are two of the products customers love the most. 

3. Mindfulness

Take some time out each day to simply pause and smell the roses. You can practice deep breathing, do meditation, yoga or simply focus on your breath for some time to reduce stress and boost overall well-being. Moreover, a consistent sleep routine can also work like magic for making you feel more calm and refreshed throughout the day. 

4. Stay Active

Get moving mama! Find ways to incorporate movement into your routine, like going for a walk, dancing around the house with your kids or enrolling yourself in a Zumba or Aerobics class. This will do wonders for your physical and emotional health. 

5. Watch What You Eat

You can get help from a dietician or a nutritionist to put together a diet chart for yourself that has a balance of all micro and macronutrients. Make sure that you eat fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains and also take the necessary supplements to sustain your energy levels throughout the day.

6. Quality Socializing

Take time out whenever you can go meet up with your friends for a coffee date, or even a vacation if possible. The joy of sharing stories and perspectives with your loved ones can be incredibly uplifting.

7. Don’t Hesitate To Ask for Help

You might think but you don’t have to do it all alone. Delegate chores and tasks to your partner, family members, or hired help. If you need a break, seek assistance without any second thoughts. 

8. Celebrate Little Things In Life

Amp up the excitement in your life by acknowledging small achievements, and taking the time out to celebrate them in whatever capacity you deem fit. At times, getting through a hectic day also calls for a little celebration in the most sweet and simple ways. No matter what it is, we know you are doing an amazing job! 

We hope that you liked the roadmap that we have laid down for you to prioritize your well-being this Mother’s Day and beyond. By taking time for yourself and indulging in these mom self-care tips, you are not only nurturing your soul but also setting a powerful example of self-love for your children that self-care isn’t selfish; but essential. With the outstanding range of self-care products from Shankara India, may this Mother’s Day be the start of a lifelong journey of pampering and appreciation. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Self-Care Tips For Mothers

Q. How can I be a less stressed mother?

A: By prioritizing self-care and taking the time out to acknowledge and appreciate all that you do, stress can be kept away. This will translate into a happier disposition that will make you ace whatever you do in your professional or private life.

Q. Is it normal to feel guilty about taking time for myself as a mom?

A: Mom guilt is normal as our society has made us internalize the concept of being selfless without a pause. However, the above-mentioned self-care tips for working moms, new moms, or housewives can be of great help in helping mamas inch closer to a more balanced and wholesome approach toward their lives and responsibilities.

Q. Is it okay to enjoy treats while focusing on self-care?

A: Absolutely. Treating yourself to some decadence for self-care is very good as long as you do that in balance and moderation.

Q. How can I manage stress when my responsibilities are overwhelming?

A: Mindful techniques like meditation and yoga are two of the most potent remedies to manage stress amidst a myriad of responsibilities. You can also check out Shankara India’s De-Stressing Body Wash and Rose list to dazzle your skin and calm your senses.

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