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Article: Scalp Saviors: Bhringraj's Role in Healthy Hair

Scalp Saviors: Bhringraj's Role in Healthy Hair

Scalp Saviors: Bhringraj's Role in Healthy Hair

Tired of your dull and thinning hair that is impossible to style? Well, the solution to your hair problems lies deep within the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda. Bhringraj is renowned across the world for its remarkable benefits in hair health. And it’s high time you experienced its benefits for your hair. 

Let’s explore Bhringraj's benefits for hair, its nutritional importance, and how you can include it in your daily hair care routine.

What is Bhringraj Hair Oil

Bhringraj is good for hair health, but how would you incorporate it into your hair care regime? Well, the easiest way is to use Bhringraj hair oil.

Bhringraj oil is derived from the leaves of the Bhringraj plant (Eclipta prostrata). This oil is highly valued in Ayurveda for its numerous benefits for hair and scalp health, and you can have these benefits for your hair too. 

How is Ayurvedic Bhringraj Oil Made?

To make Bhringraj oil, the leaves or flowers of the Bhringraj plant are typically dried and then infused into a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, through cold pressing. This allows the beneficial compounds present in the Bhringraj plant, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fatty acids, to be extracted into the carrier oil.

Shankara’s India hair & scalp oil is made from coconut oil, avocado oil, sandalwood oil, Bhringraj, and amla to boost Bhringraj hair oil benefits for your hair. 

6 Bhringraj Hair Oil Benefits

Here are the basic Bhringraj benefits for hair that you can achieve for yourself:

  • Promotes Hair Growth 

Regular application of Bhringraj oil, along with a good scalp massage can do wonders for your hair. Bhringraj is rich in nutrients like iron, vitamin E, and antioxidants, which nourish the scalp and hair follicles. This promotes hair growth and helps in preventing hair loss.

  • Prevents Premature Greying 

Regular use of Bhringraj oil can help in delaying premature greying of hair. Plus, it nourishes the scalp too. Moreover, Bhringraj oil strengthens the hair roots and maintains the natural colour of the hair. So if you are stressed about premature greying, Bhringraj oil is worth a shot.

  • Improves Scalp Health 

Bhringraj possesses antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help in keeping your scalp healthy. It can even treat conditions like dandruff, scalp irritation, and infections, promoting overall scalp health. And as you know, a healthy scalp leads to thicker and healthier hair.

  • Acts as a Conditioner for Hair

Bhringraj oil is a popular hair conditioning agent. It can deeply moisturize the hair strands, making them soft, smooth, and manageable. Regular use of Bhringraj leaves for hair can also help in reducing frizz and split ends.

  • Stimulates Blood Circulation

Massaging Bhringraj oil on the scalp improves blood circulation. This ensures that the hair follicles receive an adequate supply of nutrients and oxygen, promoting healthy hair growth. The application of Bhringraj oil is believed to promote the growth of new hair and reverse baldness in its early stages. 

  • Strengthens Hair Follicles to Reduce Breakage

Bhringraj strengthens the hair follicle, making it less prone to breakage and damage. It also adds volume and thickness to the hair, giving it a healthier appearance. 

Nutritional Contents of Bhringraj Oil

Bhringraj oil is rich in various nutrients and bioactive compounds that make it beneficial for hair health.

Bhringraj is a good source of iron, which is crucial in promoting healthy scalp. It is also rich in vitamins, particularly vitamin E and D, along with potent antioxidants like flavonoids and phenolic compounds. It helps in protecting the hair and scalp from oxidative stress and damage. 

Moreover, bhringraj contains proteins, which are the building blocks of hair. These proteins help strengthen the hair shaft and prevent breakage. It also has minerals like magnesium, calcium, and zinc, which are essential for maintaining healthy hair and scalp.


Shankara India infuses the Ayurvedic wisdom of the East with the modern processes of the West to promote wellness and sustainable hair care. Shankara India is known for its cruelty-free products that are made without sulfites, artificial fragrances and dyes. Our products are made with top-notch quality and only the best ingredients. We care about our customers' well-being and focus on what their skin needs.


Q. Is Bhringraj hair oil good for hair growth?
A: Yes, Bhringraj is good for hair and this hair oil can promote hair growth, reduce hair fall, and give you thicker and longer hair.

Q. Can we apply Bhringraj oil overnight?
A: Yes, you can leave Bhringraj oil overnight or as long as you like. Just massage your scalp well while applying the oil.

Q. Can I mix Bhringraj oil with coconut oil?
A: Shankara’s India hair & scalp oil already contains coconut oil, along with amla and Bhringraj, so you do not have to mix it with any carrier oil. You can apply it directly to your scalp and hair.

Q. How long does Bhringraj take to work?
A: Bhringraj is very potent and can show results within a few weeks of regular use.

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