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Article: 5 Rare Herbs For The Perfect Hair Luster

5 Rare Herbs For The Perfect Hair Luster - Shankara India

5 Rare Herbs For The Perfect Hair Luster

You may have put enough harmful chemicals in your hair to find hair growth, luster and noticeable volume and may have ended up causing more damage to your hair. We asked our Ayurveda experts about the top 5 medicinal herbs that must be part of your hair oiling routine to undo the damage and give your hair the luster, strength and volume you so richly deserve. We also tell you the most authentic source of where you can find them!

1. Gotu kola or Brahmi

Not just a super herb to improve brain functions, Gotu Kola or Indian pennywort is a popular Asian medicinal variety used in hair care. Studies have shown that use of gotu kola significantly helps resolve hair loss, increases length and volume of your hair. Hair oil infused with its extract nourishes the hair follicles and improves blood circulation.

2. Bhringraj or false daisies

This is yet another power medicine used most widely in Ayurveda for addressing hair problems. Bhringraj is rejuvenating for the hair and pitta calming. You can feel the calmness dawn in you as the oil trickles into your scalp. The herb also improves blood circulation there by supporting hair growth and preventing premature greying. Indirectly, it is also good for your liver and kidneys, which have a say in the health of your hair, their color, texture and overall strength.

3. Clary sage

is one of the more recently popularized exotic herb with its Egyptian roots in terms of usage. The leaves and flowers of the plant are steam distilled and diluted for use, given their high potency. Clary sage promotes the health of your scalp which is the first base for stronger hair that break less frequently. The oil stimulates hair follicles and ensures more effective blood circulation through the skin cells in the scalp. It adds a clear luminosity to the hair, strengthens the strands, at the same time balancing hormones that cause hair loss. It has anti-fungal properties and a pleasant fragrance that you don’t mind staying in your hair after a wash.

Used by the Egyptians in their medical formulations, for hormone regulating properties, ability to treat vision disorder and as a flavor of wine, clary sage has come to become an exotic herbal essence used in various premium herbal personal care products today for its aroma, flavor and therapeutic values. Studies on women undergoing postmenopausal syndrome showed, inhalation of the diluted clary sage oil produced calming and anti-stress effect (reduction in stress hormones like cortisol) and mood alleviation. Known for its excellent analgesic properties, it is known to help women manage menstrual pain, when combined with essences of marjoram and juniperberries. It has linalyl acetate which is anti-inflammatory.

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