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Article: How To Get Fuller-Looking Lips Naturally?

How To Get Fuller-Looking Lips Naturally?

How To Get Fuller-Looking Lips Naturally?

Fuller-looking lips have long been linked to beauty and youthfulness. While there are various cosmetic procedures and products available around to get those luscious lips, natural ways to get fuller-looking lips top the chart. 

Healthy routines, proper skin care techniques, and a little indulgence go a long way towards getting those naturally plump and big lips. You may achieve a plumper pout and enhance the natural attractiveness of your lips by implementing these easy tips into your everyday routine. No matter, whichever method you follow, Consistency is crucial.

With amazing yet effective tips from Shankara India, your dream of having smooth and soft lips is no more a distant. Scroll down to know more about how to get naturally plump lips.

How To Get Bigger Lips Naturally

Let’s explore simple and natural ways of achieving fuller lips:

1. Hydration Is The Key

Lips that are parched and sallow are signs of dehydration. Invest in a Soothing Lip Oil from Shankara India that is infused with the richness of natural ingredients like Avocado, beta-carotene and Jojoba. The 100% natural formula of soothing lip oil helps soothe, heal, soften & improve the appearance of the lips, giving long-lasting hydration and moisturisation. Featuring an Amethyst Gemstone roller, it is easy to apply and aids in blood circulation & oxygenation of the lips. This travel-friendly, unisex formulation comes with no added fragrance and can be used in AM and PM routines. 

Lastly, do not forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

2. Exfoliate Your Lips

Over time, your lips can accumulate bacteria, dead skin, and chemicals from lipsticks and lip glosses. As a result, they may look less youthful, dry and flaky. Exfoliating your lips once or twice a week can help improve blood circulation and get rid of dead skin. 

Disclaimer: While exfoliating your lips, stay cautious as over-exfoliation can lead to irritation, redness and bleeding of lips. Also, frequently exfoliation causes micro tearing of lips, thus making them more prone to dryness and flakiness. 

Here’s how a quick DIY trick can help you in exfoliating your lips: 

  • Grate half the beetroot and mix it with a spoonful of olive or coconut oil.
  • Add some powdered sugar in the mixture for a sweetening touch. 
  • Apply this beetroot mixture to your lips with a soft toothbrush in gentle circular motions, and then allow the granules to do their job. 
  • After letting it stay on your lips for a few minutes, wash it off with lukewarm water. 
  • Your lips will be smooth as silk, prepared to take on the world.

3. Protect Your Lips From Harsh UV Rays

The importance of applying sunscreen on the face and body needs no explanation. However, in the quest to save our facial skin from sunburns and suntan, we often disregard the most sensitive skin on our face, i.e., Lips. They should receive the same level of protection since, like the rest of your face, they too are susceptible to harmful UV radiation. Due to dryness, chapping, and discoloration from sun exposure, your lips may appear smaller than usual.

Shankara India’s Lip Soothing Oil is rich in Beta-Carotene, which helps form a protective layer against the Sun’s harsh UV rays. Having zero sulphates, zero dyes, and clean ingredients, our Lip Soothing Oil helps improve the health & appearance of lips having Vata skin, Kapha skin & Pitta skin.

4. Exercise Is Always In

Facial exercises help to keep your skin supple, enhance the volume of your top and lower lip, and reinforce the lip contour to ward off wrinkles. Here are two major exercises you can follow if you are looking for ways on how to make your lips plump: 

Exercise 1: Stretch your lips forward while holding them with your thumb and index finger. Next, make little pinches along the lips. This method will encourage the flow of microcirculation. Repeat the exercise at least 4 times a day.  

Exercise 2: As though you were kissing, squeeze your lips together to extend them as far as possible. Next, maintain the posture for around ten seconds, let go, and repeat the motion roughly ten times.

5. Consume Foods Rich In Collagen

Increasing your collagen levels will help you get plumper lips naturally. However, with age, collagen production tends to decrease, thus affecting the look of your lips. Including collagen-rich foods in your diet, like berries, green and leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, etc., can give a boost to collagen production in your body, thus giving you fuller-looking lips.

Final Thoughts 

Having known the various ways about how to get bigger lips naturally, it’s time to incorporate them into your lifestyle and get the picture-perfect pout you always wished for! 

Along with our 100% natural hydrating and moisturising lip soothing oil, if you want to get your hands on a range of skincare products that combine traditional Ayurvedic principles with modern knowledge of active ingredients, we have got you covered. 

You can also pick a product from our collection per your skin type and concern.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Get Bigger Lips Naturally

1. How can I plump my lips naturally?

Among all the natural ways of plumping your lips like practising regular facial exercises, consuming collagen-rich foods, exfoliation, etc., hydration tops the list. For deeply moisturising your lips include Soothing Lip Balm from Shankara India in your regular lip care routine. It provides long-lasting and intense hydration, thereby aiding in smoothing and softening the lips, making them look fuller and plump.

2. Which DIY ingredients can help make your lips plump naturally? 

Including natural ingredients that are rich in collagen can help in plumping your lips naturally. For instance, 

  • You can make a DIY lip scrub using almonds. Being rich in Vitamin E, almond is considered good for skin. 
  • To get rid of dry and chapped lips you can exfoliate your lips using a fresh piece of pear. Thus, giving you plump lips naturally. 
  • Ingredients like cinnamon, clove, cayenne also have plumping effects on the lips. To make a DIY mask, mix cinnamon and cayenne powder in clove oil and massage gently on lips in circular motion  for 5 minutes and rinse it off with cold water.

3. Are plump lips attractive?

Owing to their youthful appearance and radiant look plump, pouty and robust lips are considered to be attractive by both men and women. Your lips help enhance your overall look.

4. Is avocado good for lips? 

Rich in biotin and antioxidants, avocado helps in contributing towards making your lip healthy and smooth. The soothing lip oil from Shankara India is infused with the richness of Avocado along with Jojoba oil, Beta Carotene, Cocoa butter and many other natural ingredients that works magic on your lip and helps them look fuller and plump.

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