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Article: Hair Oil 101: Everything You Need to Know

Hair Oil 101: Everything You Need to Know

Hair Oil 101: Everything You Need to Know

The art of oiling hair or Champis has a long history, and its roots can be found in the ancient Ayurvedic tradition. However, given our hectic lifestyles, in which we excessively expose our hair to chemical-based shampoos and conditioners, hair styling tools, hair colour, pollution, dirt, and UV rays, the importance of applying hair oil multiplies manifolds. 

If you, too, are thinking about elevating your hair care regime, then hair oil is a must. In this blog, we will share all the details on what hair oil does, how to apply hair oil for the best results, and why you should prefer Ayurvedic hair oil online from Shankara over others available in the market. 

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5 Benefits of Hair Oil

Apart from keeping hair nourished, hair oil has various benefits that make it a must-have in your hair care regime. Let’s check’em out!

1. Keeps Dandruff At Bay

Those pesky white flakes getting all the attention on your favorite black dress are something you never want. Dry, undernourished, and flaky scalps are the major culprits behind dandruff. The antimicrobial and antifungal properties in the Shankara India Hair and Scalp Oil help keep the dandruff at bay. By preventing the accumulation of dead skin cells and minimizing flakes, our Ayurvedic hair oil helps manage dandruff.

2. Protects From Damage

Using heated hair styling appliances like curling irons, blow dryers, and straighteners too frequently can harm your hair. Regular hair oil massage helps create a protective layer around the hair shaft, thus preventing hair damage caused due to hair styling tools.

3. Improves Blood Circulation In The Scalp

Using hair oil to massage your scalp improves blood flow to the area. Massaging the best hair oil, like the Organic Sweet Almond Oil from Shankara, helps deliver the necessary nutrients to the scalp, thus, reducing the instances of hair loss and promoting rapid hair growth.

4. Helps Manage Split Ends

Taking care of your split ends and avoiding breakage is the key to strong hair and healthy hair growth. The strands are less likely to break when they are nourished and moisturised at the bottom. A high-quality Ayurvedic hair oil like the one from Shankara India will help strengthen hair strands from the inside out by going deep down all three layers of the strand. 

 5. Protects Strands Against Environmental Damage

Our tresses are greatly influenced by the environment around us. If you live in a humid place, then chances are high that your strands will lose moisture. In areas with soaring temperatures, the hair might get damaged due to harsh UV rays from the sun, and frizz is a most prevalent issue in areas with low degrees. Oiling your hair helps build up a nourishing shield around your mane and prevents it from any damage caused due to environmental stressors. 

Having understood what does hair oil do to our hair, it’s time to understand what precautions we must take while choosing the best hair oil.

How To Choose Hair Oil

Below are a few points that you should keep in mind while choosing the best hair oil. 

1. Know Your Hair Type 

To make an informed decision, the first and foremost thing to do before picking up any hair oil is to know your hair type. Are they curly? Are they straight? Or are they wavy or coily? The level of care you need to provide to your hair may differ accordingly. For instance, Lightweight oils are the perfect pick for straight hair, nourishing oils like Almond oil are great for wavy hair, coiled and curly hair needs more moisture hence, you must opt for hair oil infused with the richness of Amla, Bhringraj and Jojoba Oil. 

2. Keep A Check Of Your Hair Concern

One of the most important things to do before selecting the best hair for yourself is to assess the hair concern. While there may not be one that fits all, it’s always best to look out for the issue you are thinking of dealing with. For instance, you can opt for Hair oil infused with sandalwood to keep dandruff at bay, whereas hair oil rich in Vitamin E can help promote overall hair and scalp health by providing deep moisturisation. 

3. Consider Ingredients

Believe it or not, ingredients play a major role in your journey of how to choose hair oil. Always opt for hair oils that are free from harmful chemicals and are filled with the goodness of natural ingredients like the ones from Shankara India.

How To Apply Hair Oil - Tips & Techniques

Just getting your hands on the best hair oil isn’t enough to get the locks of your dreams; the correct application is the key to reaping the maximum benefits of hair oil. Here are a few steps that can help you understand how to apply oil.

1. Part Your Hair Into Sections 

To apply the oil uniformly across your scalp and hair, start by sectioning your hair.

2. Apply The Oil Using Fingertips

Take a little amount of your favourite oil from Shankara India in your palm, and with the help of your fingertips, start applying the oil to your scalp. Gently massage the oil into your scalp in a circular motion. This will aid in fostering blood circulation on your scalp. After massaging your scalp, work your way down to the ends of your hair.

3. Seal In The Moisture 

Massaging oil isn’t enough to seal in the moisture. After oiling your hair, wrapping your hair in a hot towel might help to maximise the advantages of the oil massage. The towel's heat can aid in loosening hair cuticles so that oil can enter your hair and scalp more deeply. Additionally, it enhances blood circulation.

4. Wash It Off

Lastly, it’s up to you how long you want to keep the oil on. The best thing is to keep it overnight and wash it the next day, or you can wash your hair after 1-2 hours of oiling. 

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Hair Oil

Here are some of the common mistakes to avoid when using hair oil:

1. Avoid Leaving Hair Oil Overnight If You Have Oily Scalp

One might think that- The longer, the better. Well, that does not stand true in the case of individuals with oily scalps. Leaving hair oil overnight in this case might lead to clogging of pores, thus increasing the hair fall.

2. Excess Oil Does Not Guarantee Quick Results

The more, the merrier - This does not fit in the case of applying hair oil. A few drops of the best Ayurvedic oil are all you need to regain the shine and strength of your hair. Apply a small amount of oil (about a palmful) and massage it in thoroughly, adding more if you feel that there are any dry areas. Keep in mind that the more oil you apply, the more difficult it will be to rinse out, and the more shampoo you'll need to use, the more dry out your hair will get.

3. Not Combing Hair Before Applying Hair Oil

Before using hair oil, comb your hair thoroughly to remove any knots or tangles. One of the greatest hair oiling errors is to massage oil into knotted or twisted hair because this just serves to tangle further the hair, which can harm both the hair and its base. Additionally, it will weaken hair, leading to breakage and damage.

4. Oiling On Wet Hair

When our hair is wet, they are incredibly soft and are at a high risk of breakage and damage. Also, when you oil your damp hair, your pores become clogged, which can cause dandruff and hair loss.

What Sets Shankara's Hair Oil Apart 

We understand how it feels to fall prey to false marketing gimmicks and buy a hair oil that does no good to your hair but rather worsens the issue. Well, that is not the case with Shankara India’s range of Hair Oils online. 

What sets us apart from others is our commitment to bring only the hair oil infused with the goodness of 100% Ayurvedic ingredients. From our Hair and Scalp Oil to Organic Sweet Almond Oil, each drop of our hair oil promises nourishment, shine and strength to your beloved tresses. Let’s check them in detail: 

Hair and Scalp Oil

Infused with the richness of finest quality natural ingredients like Amla, Bhringraj and Sandalwood, our hair and scalp oil helps restore your crowning glory, promotes luscious locks and heals the scalp. This homegrown formulation is safe to use on coloured hair and its lightweight texture gets easily absorbed into your scalp without clogging the pores. The non-greasy texture of this oil makes it a good pick if you are looking for an oil that can be applied during the daytime as well. 

Organic Sweet Almond Oil 

Made with 100% organic sweet almonds, our sweet almond oil makes no false claims about stimulating hair growth and moisturising and nourishing the hair shaft. Free from harmful chemicals and additives and packed with essential nutrients adds a luxurious touch to your hair care rituals. Unlike other hair oils available in the market, organic sweet almond oil at Shankara India is extracted using a cold-pressed technique, thus retaining all its nutrients.  

The best time to apply both oils is the night before washing your hair. Leaving the hair oil overnight provides deep nourishment to your hair. Apply just a few drops of the oil of your choice from Shankara India and massage gently on your scalp in a circular motion for increased blood circulation and improved hair growth and texture.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much hair oil do you need to use, and how often?

A: You must apply hair oil depending on the length, volume, and condition of your hair. For instance, if you have long and frizzy hair, then the amount of oil you need to apply will definitely be more as compared to someone with short and oily hair. Also, for best results, it is advised to use hair oil twice a week before you plan to wash your hair.

Q. When should I apply hair oil?

A: The best time to apply hair oil is 30 minutes before washing your hair; however, if you want to deeply nourish your hair, then leave the hair oil overnight.

Q. How to find the best hair oil? 

A: While looking out for the right hair oil as per your hair type, always check out for ingredients and how it has been formulated. For instance, the organic sweet almond oil from Shankara India is made using cold pressed technique, which aids in retaining the essential nutrients of the sweet almonds. Also, our hair and scalp oil is filled with the goodness of natural ingredients like Amla, Bhringraj and Sandalwood.

Q. Is it OK to leave oil in hair overnight?

A: Yes, it is absolutely Okay to keep oil in your hair overnight, as doing so helps provide deep nourishment to your hair and scalp. 

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