Hair & Scalp Oil

Get Shinier, Healthier, And Luxurious Hair

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Description Hair & Scalp Oil uses the finest quality of natural ingredients like Amla, Bhringraj & Sandalwood to restore your crowning glory. The homegrown formulation restores damaged hair, promotes luscious locks of hair & heals the scalp.


  • Restores and moisturizes dry and damaged hair
  • Deeply nourishes hair shaft
  • Treats dandruff & other scalp conditions
  • Safe to use on colored hair

How to use?

  • Step 01

    Apply an adequate amount of the oil to the scalp, mid-lengths, and ends, then comb thoroughly.

  • Step 02

    Leave it overnight or as long as you desire.

  • It can be used both during the day and night time.



Sandalwood is a traditional ingredient with strong astringent properties that wards off excess sebum from the scalp & prevents
dandruff and hair fall.


Amla is a highly effective natural haircare ingredient that deeply nourishes the hair & strengthens it.


Bhringraj aids in blood circulation which revitalizes the hair follicles & facilitates hair growth.

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Sesame oil; Shirodhara Herbal Oil; Avocado oil; Jojoba oil; Vitamin E Tocopherol; Sandalwood EO; Lavender EO; Cedarwood EO; Clary Sage EO; Coriander EO; Rosemary EO

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It is advisable to conduct a patch test to ensure your skin is not reacting to the product. Please note that as our products are handcrafted in small batches, there may be slight variations in their color and aroma.

Manufacturing Info

Expiry Date: 2 Years from manufacturing

Country of Origin: India

Manufacturer: Plot no.60, 1st Floor, 1st Stage,Dabaspet Industrial Area,Bengalore, Tumkur Road,-562111, C/o- M/s. Daffy Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply the oil once a week or as and when required. We recommend applying the oil to your scalp and gently massaging it with your fingertips.
You can then leave the oil overnight or for a longer duration before washing your hair.

Yes, you can use the oil on colored hair as well.

Yes, you can apply a small amount to your fingertips and apply it to the root of your hair.

Yes, it has a pleasant and mild scent of aromatic ingredients like sandalwood, lavender, and cedarwood along with other ingredients.