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Dealing With World’s 4 Largest Killers: Ayurveda’s 11 Little Known Secrets To Health

Here we share with you the secret guide to a long, mentally as well as physically healthy, and productive life, because it is that simple, to keep these diseases from getting you down!  

5 Vegan Ways To Get Smoother Hair

Here you are, tired of having tried every trick in the book, every chemical-laden hair treatment to deal with frizzy and dry hair, but to no use. Let us share some finer secrets and tips.

Clean Up Your Skin Pores In 6 Simple Ways

An essential part of skin care is to make sure your skin pores are clean and healthy and unclogged from the oils, pollutants, kilos of makeup and dead skin cells that settle on it and stretch it out enough that they start becoming noticeable.

Five Ways to Bring Back Skin’s pH Balance Naturally

Your skin cells are intelligent. They can rebuild themselves into the protective outer layer or the acid mantle from time to time. We share 5 simple ways to bring back the pH balance of your skin, so it is back to looking resplendent, soft and supple.

5 Rare Herbs For The Perfect Hair Luster

We asked our Ayurveda experts about the top 5 medicinal herbs that must be part of your hair oiling routine to undo the damage and give your hair the luster, strength and volume you so richly deserve.

5 Ways You Are Damaging Your Skin’s pH

What is common between the sun, facial soap, detergent and hard water? They clean and nourish? Yes. But. There’s a BUT here- an overexposure to them can have a long lasting impact on your skin. And NOT necessarily in a way you would like.